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Mapping the Charter to the Domains of Human Concern

DHCs are the areas of recurrent common concerns of human life—concerns that we cannot escape as human beings. All human beings regularly experience breakdowns in these domains, act in them, characterize themselves and others in them, and look ahead to, and invent possibilities for themselves in these domains. The challenges of fighting poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, illiteracy, insecurity, marginalization, oppression, and lack of equal and equitable opportunities are, and ought to be, a collective concern for humanity.

It is against this background that we are mapping the Charter principles to the DHC and designing our program implementation activities from within the domains. We therefore plan to have activities around food security, shelter, healthcare, education, security, inclusion (especially of women), liberty, and social and economic opportunities. 

In this diagram, the Charter principles are mapped to each of the 8 Domains of Human Concern (DHC). The diagram essentially shows how implementing the Charter principles in each of these domains, by addressing the challenges of each domain, will not only improve the quality of the sanctity and dignity of human life, but will also enhance unity and coexistence.